Dave's Outlaw Predator R proves the theory that less is more. Over 10 lbs less to be exact. Yes, that's right, 10 lbs less than the lightest pontoon boat made. The new Predator tips the scales with an unbelievable 13 lb hull weight. It is fully equipped with Dave's rack and pinion oar system, breakaway footrest bar, seat and gear bags. Add a lifetime warranty, the new Predator is ready to rock! 

Hand pump, 2 side pockets, seat, aluminum oars and all components included


Please specify type of seat.  Cushioned plastic seat:  $59.00

                                                           Portable EVA seat:  $0.00

Predator Lo Pro X

$1,700.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price
  • Specifications: Length: 8' Width: 48" Diameter: 16" Weight: 9lbs. 13 oz. Weight Capacity: 700 lbs. Frame: Frameless Frame Material: Frameless Pontoons: Bladderless Oars: Alcoa 6061 T65 Oar Locks: Rack & Pinion Seat: F16 Anchor System: Optional  Warranty: Lifetime