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2024 Show Schedule

We at Dave Scadden Paddlesports love attending sports shows.  It gives us the opportunity to meet and greet customers and friends from across the USA and Canada that share our passion.  We do our best to attend as many shows as possible each year.  The shows that we are not able to attend, we offer virtually.  Our virtual shows are a huge hit!  You will be able to take advantage of the best prices of the year on the most sought after fishing craft in the industry for the dates of the shows.  Due to the continuing supply chain issues, many of our exclusive models are available in limited supply.  We encourage early season purchases.  Once a model is sold out, it may not be available for another year.  Let the shows begin!


5 - 7               Marlboro, MA  Fly Fishing Show

11 - 14           Denver, CO  International Sportsmen's Expo

19 - 21           Denver, CO  Fly Fishing Show   

18 - 21           Sacramento, CA  International Sportsmen's Expo

26 - 28           Edison, NJ  Fly Fishing Show

30 - Feb 4      Puyallup, WA  Washington Sportsmen's Show


2 - 4               Atlanta, GA  Fly Fishing Show

14 - 18           Portland, OR  Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show

17 & 18         Bellevue, WA  Fly Fishing Show

23 - 25           Pleasanton, CA  Fly Fishing Show


2 & 3              Lancaster, PA  Fly Fishing Show

7 - 10             Redmond, OR  Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show

8 & 9              Albany, OR  NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo

21 - 14           Salt Lake City, UT  International Sportsmen's Show

15 & 16         Salt Lake City, UT  Wasatch Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo

22 & 23         Idaho Falls, ID  Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Show

21 - 23           Mountain Home, AR  International Sow Bug Roundup


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