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Dave Scadden's Framed boat of choice. The Outlaw Avenger is the ultimate 1 person boat. Equipped with Dave's exclusive Lazer-Lok frame, the Avenger exudes performance. You can stand up and sight fish or sit down and use fins. Reverse the frame and run an outboard motor or add a front frame section and you have the finest 2 person framed boat on the market. Wow!! SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL 2ND CARGO DECK SOLD SEPARATELY)

Please specify color.  Blue or Red.

Double action hand pump, 2 side pockets, aluminum oars and all components included.

Dave Scadden's Outlaw Avenger X

$3,800.00 Regular Price
$1,699.00Sale Price
  • Length: 12'

    Width: 68"

    Diameter: 18"

    Weight: 72 lbs.

    Weight Capacity: 1200 lbs.

    Frame: Lazer Lok Frame

    Material: Alcoa 6061 T65

    Pontoons: Bladderless

    Oars: Alcoa 6061 T65

    Oar Locks: Naval Bronze

    Seat: Padded

    Anchor System: Thru the Frame 

    Warranty: Lifetime

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