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The new 2024 Raptor Lite Speed X 5 takes performance and ease of use to all new levels.

The new Raptor gives you the same feel and performance of its iconic aluminum framed brother, the Outlaw X 5 with a fraction of the weight and no  hassle.  It’s trick new, rigid, inflated deck raises you off the water like a framed boat. It’s exclusive, air pad, rigid inflated oar stands give you the same rowing height as a framed pontoon boat as well.  It is is faster across the surface, tracks straighter with less effort and gives plenty of clearance between your thighs and the oars while rowing. All of these cool new features are  wrapped into a package that weighs 24 pounds.

Being completely frameless, it comes out of your rig and is it inflated and ready to go in five minutes unlike framed pontoon boats that take a half hour to 45 minutes to assemble.

The new Raptor  is better than ever!





PLEASE CHOOSE SEAT TYPE:  Cushioned plastic seat or EVA portable soft seat.  

Dave Scadden's 2024 Raptor Lite Speed X5

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price
  • Length:  9'

    Width:  54"

    Diameter:  16"

    Weight:  24 lbs.

    Rigid inflated floor:  6"

    Rack & pinion stainless steel oar sytem

    Integrated motor mount

    Integrated keel system

    EVA foam cushion adjustable seat

    OPTIONAL:  Hard plastic cushioned seat

    Stanless steel footrest bar

    1000 lb capacity

    Class V whitewater rating - based upon user skill level


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