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Dave Scadden's new 2024 Cardiac Canyon River Pram is the lightest weight, portable and user-friendly fishing pram on the planet.  Its DNA comes straight from its big brother, the outrageously popular Box Canyon Drift Boat.  The new Cardiac is designed for one person use but comes equipped with a passenger seat and trick removeable leg lock system, making it extremely versatile.  Its advanced accentuated hull design centralizes mass exactly in the middle of the boat making it agile and extremely responsive.  Its rigid inflated floor and strategically placed passenger seat begs you to stand up and sight fish.  Its exclusive "air pad" raised oar lock system places the oars in perfect position to maneuver the boat while standing...even in raging whitewater.  This is quite literally a blast to row!


The new Cardiac comes ready to fish, equipped with an integrated motor mount, integrated keel system, detachable leg lock system, recessed, rigid, raised, inflated air pad oar locks. Add our exclusive accessory anchor boom mount and you are ready to tackle the most technical whitewater, 3 ft. whitecaps on a reservoir or the bone fish flats of the Bahamas and everything in between.


The best part about the new Cardiac is that it can be packed into an airline specific travel bag and flown around the world or thrown in the trunk of a car or RV.  It is lightweight, portable and user-friendly!



Dave Scadden owns exclusive intellectual property of the design features incorporated in the Cardiac Canyon Pram.  None of design features can be duplicated without contractual agreement from Dave Scadden.  Any infringement will be dealt with in a court of law.

Dave Scadden's Cardiac Canyon River Pram

$4,800.00 Regular Price
$2,699.00Sale Price
  • Length:  10'6"

    Width:  57"

    Diameter: 16"

    Weight:  58

    Weight Capacity:  1600 lbs

    Frame: Frameless

    Frame Material: Frameless

    Pontoons: Bladderless

    Oars: Aircraft aluminum

    Oar Locks: Air pad raised oar locks

    Seat: Padded

    Anchor System:  Accessory aircraft aluminum boom mount

    Keel:  Integrated

    Oar Holders: 2 detachable

    Motor Mount:  Integrated HD motor mount

    Warranty: Lifetime

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