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Dave Scadden‘s new 2024 Box Canyon is the epitome of advanced drift boat designs.  It’s exclusive accentuated rocker hull offers otherworldly levels of performance.  It incorporates the most advanced bladderless heat welded technology in the world.  Coupled with his exclusive rigid inflated floor, rigid inflated seat panels, rigid  inflated  “airpad “ oar lock system plus his 

revolutionary new rigid inflated  “airlock” leg lock system makes this boat completely frameless and light as a feather on the water.

The new Box Canyon has already gained the reputation as the ultimate fly fishing play boat.  After extensive testing this revolutionary design has lived up to its reputation.  It has proven to excel in virtually every category over traditional rafts and drift boats.  Unlike its close cousins, it is a joy to row!  It is lightweight, portable, high performance and extremely user-friendly. It comes out of your rig and can be inflated and ready to go in ten minutes.  No assembly required.  It can be transported in an RV, bed of a truck or up on the roof rack of an SUV.  There’s no question the new Box Canyon is the most technically advanced Drift Boat in the world.  A huge bonus is the fact that it works nicely as a one person, two person and three  person boat as well making it extremely versatile.
With an incredible hull weight of 65 lbs.  It has already proven to be a complete game changer!



LEGAL NOTICE:  Dave Scadden owns exclusive intellectual property of the design features incorporated in the Box Canyon. None of design features can be duplicated without contractual agreement from Dave Scadden. Any infringement will be dealt with in a court of law.

Dave Scadden's 2024 Box Canyon

$5,600.00 Regular Price
$2,799.00Sale Price
  • •Length: 12’8”

    •Width:  59”

    •Pontoons:  20” dia. Accentuated Rocker

    •Frame:  Rigid inflatable

    *Oars: 2 pc. Aircraft aluminum with oversized blades

    •Oar Locks: Rigid inflated “ Air Pad” HD

    •Leg Locks: Rigid inflated “Air* Lock” front and rear

    •Seating capacity: I person 2 person and 3 person with accessory jump seat.

    •Integrated detachable rod holders 2 ea. with capability for four.

    •Integrated detachable motor mount

    •Integrated gear bags that are fully insulated, double as coolers and  have built-in rod holders and tippet dispensers. 

    *Weight capacity:  1800 lbs.

    •High volume foot pump

    Dave Scadden owns all intellectual properties associated with this exclusive design along with all pending patents


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