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A number of years ago I produced some very sophisticated kayak style pontoon boats, the Escalade, Deschutes and World Navigator. They were very popular but guys wanted front entry and an oar system. We didn’t have the technology at the time to incorporate these two features. In recent years I have had a number of anglers request high performance enclosed hull design with an integrated oar system. Finally! Your ship has come in. The Assault offers a patented miterless rocker hull design with an integrated oar system. It is super lightweight, weighing in under 24 pounds and has an 800 pound capacity. It fits between the wheel wells of a truck and rolls up into a suitcase-size travel bag. This advanced hull design exudes performance. It is sleek yet fast and stable enough to stand up and sight fish from. The Assault lives up to its name. It is an intense boat!  Shown with upgraded cushioned plastic seat.

Double action hand pump, 2 side pockets, seat, aluminum oars and all components included.

Dave Scadden's Assault X

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price
  • Length: 8'6"

    Width: 48"

    Diameter: 13"

    Weight: 23 lbs.

    Weight Capacity: 800 lbs.

    Frame: Frameless

    Frame Material: Frameless

    Pontoons: Bladderless

    Oars: Alcoa 6061 T65

    Oar Locks: Rack & Pinion

    Seat: F16

    Anchor System: Optional 

    Warranty: Lifetime

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