Dave Scadden's Dragonfly XTC2 Pro Guide gives you a super high performance two person boat with added room for gear. Its exclusive 12 ft. fully rockered self-bailing hull design exudes performance and safety even in big whitewater. Dave's multi-laminate technology rigid inflatable floor and integrated lean bar system allows you to stand and sight fish with confidence. Line control is at your fingertips with his cool self suspending stripping basket. The 6062 aircraft aluminum  frame is powder coated with a special radar resistant non glare stealth bomber finish that comes right out of the aerospace industry. It is virtually invisible to fish. Through the frame anchor system, quick detach side pockets that double as coolers with built in rod holders and heavy duty motor mount all come standard. Add pure naval bronze oar locks and oar rights and you have a package unrivaled by any other boat in the industry. For the ultimate performance package upgrade to Dave's amazing 100% carbon ultra light directional blade oars with their iconic retro graphics that give you three times the power at 1/3 of the weight. There is not another oar like it on the entire planet! The Dragonfly has a 1400 lb. capacity, class V whitewater rating, enough capacity for a three week Alaska trip yet compact enough to check on airlines as luggage and fit in the trunk of a compact car or the hatch of an RV. Throw in Dave's exclusive lifetime warranty and this bad boy is ready to rock your world!


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Pump, 2 side pockets, stripping basket, 2 pc. aluminum oars and all components included.

Dragonfly XTC2 Pro Guide

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