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Dave Scadden's Dragonfly XT1 takes one-person pontoon craft fishing to a whole new level. The XT1 gives you a rigid self bailing floor system which allows you to stand and sight fish with confidence. The integrated lean bar and accessory stripping basket offers unparalleled stability and control. Dave's exclusive thru-the-frame anchor system gives you infinite support to enable you to stop and work productive runs. Boasting a total capacity of 1,400 lbs. the Dragonfly is the perfect boat for multi-day trips. Baggage and gear can be stowed both front and rear to perfectly balance your load. Is it a pram, a mini drift boat, a high performance raft….you decide. One thing for sure, the Dragonfly XT1 is a deadly assault craft for the discriminating angler.

Double action hand pump, 2 side pockets, stripping basket, aluminum oars and all components included.

Dave Scadden's Dragonfly XT1

$3,600.00 Regular Price
$1,899.00Sale Price
  • Length: 10'6"

    Width: 54"

    Diameter: 16"

    Weight (lbs): 68

    Capacity (lbs): 1,400

    Floor: 6" multi-laminate inflatable floor insert 4300 self-bailing floor

    Oars: Rack & Pinion 

    Warranty: Lifetime

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