Dave Scadden's new Dragonfly XT2 Adventure Craft Series rages into the conventional raft world with a vengeance. No longer do you have to settle for big, bulky, heavy inflatable barges to navigate your favorite water ways. Dave's new Adventure Craft series destroys this concept forever. The new Dragonflys are lightweight, portable and handle like sports cars on the water. Decked out with meticulously engineered features, they set a new standard of performance and user friendliness. Integrated stainless steel oar locks, rigid inflatable floors, self-bailing fully rockered hulls, integrated motor mounts detachable true trac keel system, precisely placed carry handles and ingenious inflatable seating appoint the coolest rafts in the industry. The new Dragonflys are lightweight and portable enough to check on as luggage and fly to Alaska yet hardcore enough to drop into the most demanding whitewater on the planet. Tipping the scales well under 100 lbs. with the Dragonfly XT2 coming in under 50 lbs. they are easy to transport...even in the trunk of a compact car. The best part is the fact that they come out of the trunk of a compact car and are inflated and ready to go in less than 7 minutes... no assembly required. The new Airhead inflatable seats inflate in seconds and offer comfort that only a lazy boy recliner can offer. They are like sitting on an air bed. They can be strategically placed for one person, two person, three person and even up to six person seating in the new Dragonfly XL. Finally a lightweight, portable, user friendly high performance raft style boat that shatters the old inflatable tug boat concept. At last your ship has come in... Dave Scadden's hot new Dragonfly XT2 Adventure Craft has just sailed into your life. Your time on the water will never be the same!!!

Comes with pump, 2 side pockets, seat(s), 2 piece aluminum oars and all components.

Dragonfly XT2 Adventure Craft

$3,200.00 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price
  • Specifications: Length: 10'6" Width: 65" Diameter: 16" Weight (lbs): 58 Capacity (lbs): 1,400 Warranty: Lifetime

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