Our exclusive new frameless Skykomish Sunrise Defiance finally offers the benefits of Dave’s original double pontoon system but eliminates the hassle of the frame.  Based on one of the most heralded pontoon

boats in the industry, the new Defiance defies the stereotype of double pontoons attached to a metal framework.  No longer do you have to wrestle with assembling a frame and attaching pontoons before launching your boat.  Simply unfold the new Defiance and inflate.  Slip in the footrest bar and rear stabilizer  bar and tighten the torsion straps.  You will enjoy the time proven performance of the Skykomish Sunrise but with half the weight and none of the hassle.  Dave’s exclusive rigid inflated floor system is fully equipped with an integrated motor mount, cargo area with full wrap securing system plus an integrated keel system to keep you tracking straight on still water. Most of all it gives you a solid deck which gives you the stability to stand in sight fish.  The new Defiance is user friendly, light weight, intuitive and exudes performance.

The future of double pontoon boats has arrived!


SPECIFY Portable EVA seat or cushioned plastic seat.


Dave Scadden's 2021 Skykomish Sunrise Defiance

$1,899.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price
Seat Type
  • Length 9’11”

    Width. 52”

    Diameter 16”

    Oar system Rack & Pinion

    Aircraft aluminum 2 piece oars

    Integrated oar holders

    Integrated motor mount

    Integrated keel system

    Stainless footrest bar

    Stainless rear stabilizer bar

    Your choice of EVA light weight seat or cushion folding seat with aluminum base plate.

    Lifetime Warranty


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