Dave Scadden’s revolutionary new frameless Dragonfly Backslash Drift Boat takes the portable light weight raft concept to a whole new level. Based upon the most sought after two person raft in the industry the Dragonfly XT2 the new Backslash just  made life a whole lot easier.

His new integrated rigid inflated seat system offers the rigidity of an aluminum frame but is fully inflated, eliminating the half hour set up time associated with a metal frame.  It comes out of your rig and inflates in 7 minutes.  It is ready to go!  The ease of use of the new Backslash is simply astounding.

It offers all of the time proven whitewater performance and payload capacity of the dragonfly XT2 but eliminates all of the hassle.

The new Backslash incorporates Dave‘s exclusive 6 inch rigid inflated self-bailing floor system which gives you the ability to stand in sight fish with confidence. Its exclusive new built-in motor mount system allows for both rear as well as front control motor placement. A cool detachable 9 inch keel keeps it  tracking straight while under power.  The new Backslash comes complete in an airline specific travel bag that can be checked on as luggage and flown to off piste destinations with ease.  It has set the new standard for traveling anglers as well as anglers wanting a boat that will fit easily in an RV or the trunk of a compact car.

Finally your ship has come in and it is more user friendly than ever!!!

Dave Scadden's 2022 Dragonfly Backslash

$4,600.00 Regular Price
$1,999.00Sale Price