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Dave Scadden's Contender XX-12 takes the 2 person fishing craft concept that Dave created over 28 years ago to an otherworldly level. The Contender XX-12 is a culmination of Dave's famous Unitrac rockered hull design and his exclusive multi-laminate inflatable rigid floor system with a built in transom system thrown in for good measure. The result is the hottest 2 person fishing craft on the planet!

The new Contender allows you to cover vast expanses of water quickly and efficiently and the ability to stand up and sight fish with confidence.

Finally a boat that has a 20 hp motor rating, rigid floor system and small enough to slide in the back of a standard size pickup. At the end of the day it deflates and fits in an airline specific travel bag that can be checked on as luggage or stashed in the storage hatch of and RV or in the trunk of a compact car…

This boat is too cool.

Welcome to the future... Enjoy!

Double action hand pump, 2 side pockets, aluminum oars and all components included.

Contender XX-12

$3,999.00 Regular Price
$2,199.00Sale Price
  • Length: 12'

    Width: 54"

    Diameter: 18"

    Hull Weight: 46 lbs.

    Weight Capacity: 1800 lbs.

    Frame: Lazer-Lok XX

    Frame Material: Alcoa 6061 T65

    Pontoons: Bladderless

    Oars: Alcoa 6061 T65

    Oar Locks: Rack & Pinion

    Seat: Padded

    Anchor System: Front Roller Whitewater 

    Warranty: Lifetime

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