Dave Scadden's Switch Blade revolutionizes the framed double pontoon concept. Dave Scadden literally invented the double pontoon boat over 25 years ago. His Switch Blade takes that same concept to otherworldly levels. The Switch Blade is super low profile, making it superior in the wind to any pontoon craft ever made. It literally defies the wind. Its rigid fully rockered hull design allows it to skate across the surface with astounding speed and agility. Dave fitted the Switch Blade with his super lightweight Dragonfly frame that straps into place in seconds. His quick draw pocket system clips instantly into place with a Fastex buckle setup.  The Switch Blade will blow you away….the wind won't!

Pump, 2 side pockets, aluminum oars and all components included.


$2,200.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price
  • Length: 9' Width: 48" Diameter: 6" Weight (lbs): 45 Capacity (lbs): 450

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