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Meet Our Team

Dave Scadden

Dave Scadden has been a driving force in the inflatables world for over 25 years.  Literally inventing the inflatable pontoon fishing craft concept and selling thousands of boats worldwide.  He has lead the industry in boat design and function from its inception.  Several years ago his wife Cailin suggested delving into the stand up paddleboarding market and now his company Dave Scadden Paddlesports is a leader in both premium quality, innovative design, high-tech inflatable pontoon craft and inflatable stand up paddleboards.



Cailin Scadden

Cailin has been married to Dave for 28 years.  She is a long time fisherman and pontoon craft user.  She has a great love of stand up paddleboards and was the inspiration for the move into the inflatable paddleboards world.  She also is head designer, web master, product tester, travel coordinator, office manager, etc.  She is not often seen on her paddleboard or pontoon boat without her trusty sidekick Kiba (unless it's a river).


Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis is our main sales representative for our inflatable paddleboards.  She is extremely knowledgeable and knows paddleboards inside and out.  A certified acro-yoga and SUP yoga instructor, she regularly takes groups and individuals out for instruction and fun paddle adventures.  Watch for her at our sports shows!!  She is the go to person for all things paddleboards!

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