Dave Scadden Paddlesports  has been attending sports shows for over 20 years. Each year we have the privilege of meeting and greeting thousands of friends and customers who look forward to seeing the the most innovative inflatables in the industry.  This year will be different...Covid 19 has canceled virtually every show in existence but we are undaunted by this turn of events.

The dates listed below are shows that we have done for years. Most of them have been canceled at this point in time due to Covid 19 mandates. The shows that have not been canceled or postponed, we have opted not to attend out of concern for the health and well-being of our friends and customers.  We are still honoring the show pricing that we had scheduled for these shows.  Orders can be placed online or by phone at 801-940-7474. Messages left at this number will still receive show pricing when your call is returned as long as messages are left on the dates of the respective shows.


The show must go on!


We are committed to our customers and will offer below dealer cost show pricing to our loyal customers the days of each respective show.  This is your chance to save hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars on the hottest inflatables in the industry.

A word to the wise.

Because of  the high demand for many of our key models it is possible that we will run out and they may not be available until next year. This scenario took place last year and it is very likely that it will happen again this year due to the demand created by Covid 19.  We suggest that you order early to ensure that you get the boat of your dreams.


Jan. 7,8,9&10.

Denver Fly Fishing Show


Jan. 14,15,16 & 17.

Denver ISE

Denver Boat show


Jan. 21, 22, 23 & 24

Sacramento ISE Sportsmans Expo

Marlborough Mass. Fly Fishing Shiw

Cincinnati Outdoor Show


Jan. 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31

Puyallup Washington Sportsman’s Show

Edison New Jersey Fly Fishing Show

Cincinnati Outdoor Show



Feb. 5, 6 & 7

Atlanta Fly Fishing Show


Feb. 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

Portland Oregon Sportsman’s Show

Utah Boat Show


Feb. 18, 19, 20 & 21

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show

Utah RV show



Mar. 4, 5 & 6

Lancaster Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Show



Mar. 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

The Central Oregon Sportsman’s Show, Redmond, Oregon



March 24th - 28th

The Pacific Northwest Sportsman's Show, Portland Oregon

VIRTUAL:  Mar.17, 18, 19 & 20

Salt Lake City ISE Sportsman’s Expo


VIRTUAL:  Mar. 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28

Scottsdale Arizona Sportsman’s Expo



VIRTUAL:  April 8, 9, 10 & 11

Utah Wasatch Fly Tying Expo


VIRTUAL:  April 15, 16 & 17

Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo